Is deflationism compatible with compositional and Tarskian truth theories?

This chapter argues against the widely accepted view that compositional and Tarskian theories of truth are substantial or otherwise unacceptable to deflationists.

Belief, Truth, and Ways of Believing

We develop a semantics for truth and belief that combines ideas from contextualist theories of attitude reports and Awareness semantics for non-idealized belief.

A Guide to the Unified Approach to Truth, Modality, and Paradox

Introduction to edited volume.

The Modal Logics of Kripke-Feferman Truth

We determine the modal logic of fixed-point models of truth and their axiomatizations by Solomon Feferman via Solovay-style completeness results

Semantic Singularities: Paradoxes of Reference, Predication and Truth. By Keith Simmons

Book review of ‘Semantic Singularities: Paradoxes of Reference, Predication and Truth’ by Keith Simmons